Illusory Dimension

by Alux

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This album represents a beautiful story which tells the traveling of a young man through an unknown but rather familiar kingdom, join us as we describe in every song each step and any movement that our hero makes within this realm


released December 16, 2013



all rights reserved


Alux Juárez, Mexico

Alux was born as a musical project which combines different musical styles that altogether came about to be a genre named ''Sympholk''. With the only need and desire to describe journeys and adventures, Alux could not be described as a single creature but rather a whole kind that will provide masses with its uniqueness and greatness our very own race. ... more

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Track Name: Umbral
This story takes place in a land where legends and local folklore ceased beyond generations, it was once a land of magic and friendship, now selfishness and selfhood is seen throughout the soil. Few protectors of that land’s legends alongside with keepers of their own traditions fight together against all sorts of novelties and innovations, but for the vast majority modernism and technology settled down on almost every individual, moreover people lost any type of hope for their beliefs which were taught from their ancestors. There was one man who had started his tasks and duties as an adult, this particular being was a dreamer, he aspired to be one of his town’s leaders but as he grew up all kinds of fantasies and reveries vanished from his busy mind. One day after a long and stressful conventional routine this man was headed back towards his hut cutting through the crops that townsfolk were harvesting when a severe change in weather blocked his path which made him run looking for shelter. After several minutes with no apparent results the young man tripped due to the muddy surface and large plants, and there is where this tale opens.
Track Name: Orb
Unknown scent of far distant lands arose as the soil became invaded
Majestic tunes warning of a possible disruption sounded off of the clouds

Few steps after the arrival , the place seemed different the sky turned black as if it knew that townsfolk were fleeing from the magic place, an eerie wind coming from the south hit the structure and living things alike

As it passes through, forced to seek the truth, headed north where life prevails, the first encounter took place

Unprecedented creatures marched their way towards the invader

Stars brightened the road and uncovered the end
The person ran away and he soon was out of there

The greenest place filled with all beauties had covered his eyes as all stars were blooming

Gods had seen and helped the invader make his way out
Now in exchange he must save the troubled area

And now following the forest road, good folks come out of their hideouts to meet the chosen one, alongside with the gods he marches towards the distant horizon, where this story truly unfolds.
Track Name: Heroes
...And the once infected mind
goes out of all routines
this fresh air, the purity
would even make the grass daydream
mountains in the land are conjoined
And food's odor will make us gone

"Here's to this noble man
Who hates world's enslavement
And prays to us for freedom,
Who belongs with this brightness
And travels through our kingdom."

Hear, the ground cracks and shakes
across the oceans.

Set the sight beyond the mountains
Enemies quickly approach
They feel no fear and look with disdain
They wear a phantom mist within shadows.
A sudden battle begins
And grass turns into battleground
So they will see who really commands
The invasion of the north

Give the man an iron helmet
We've got to stop their plague!
-But our man has run away and hid
Inside an outdoors cave...

Impending fight now is over
We are the bearers of torches and triumph
Blood is on the swords and shields
All the plagues are dissipated
The taste of victory is such
Such to feast for!

Our wheat and corn
Shine brighter everyday
Our water well
Brings cleaner water hence
Free and weightless
Light and life we inhale
Healed and pure
We are made to assail.
Track Name: Pareidolia
After fleeing from the fearsome battle, the chosen one arrived in a cave where ambience seemed to be tranquil and peaceful, nevertheless scary. He wanted to stay there to be safe but he knew that he had to succeed in what the gods had commanded him with, so he resumed his journey traveling through the creepy cave looking for that sacred place which the creators of that beautiful land had been desperately trying to get rid of. Upon his walking the young man discovers that the mysterious place was filled with all sorts of magical and mythical happenings that no living being could explain, for he will soon find out that this cave hides one of the biggest secrets of this land.
Track Name: Enigmatic Utopia
What have I just done, I just broke into this holy dwelling.
The evil forces made me flee the fight through the woods as if they really wanted me to arrive in this zone right here.
It seems like a peacefully place but my memories are telling me that there’s something wrong as this slowly resembles my own home

A light shines bright from my fireplace
There’s no doubt this is my own household,
must have been dreaming all this time around,
I’m going to rest until my troubles find their way out of my head
I will stop stressing out of things that are worthless

I'll destroy the culprit’s soul for all that he has done, oh gods no mercy shall I show, please forgive me for the frenzied mind, but I’m lost and scared with nothing in my hands, but faith for I will give them more of hatred hell

I’ll make sure this is not an illusion because I’ve been fooled before. The portraits look in flawless condition but my wall wasn’t painted in blood

Broken dreams all has been made to caught myself in this odd place. I must head upstairs in search of the brightness as the gleams are coloring the track that gods have shaped

After the illusive flash I went towards the wooden staris,
I crawled across the floor and tore my skin with rusty nails
And with my blood, dripping out of my knees
And with my moan, I incited the spirits in the breeze

Rotten fingernails toched my shoulders,
Stroked my hair and my skin
This darkness kept me blindfolded
I left the place as soon as I could

I soon scaped...

I fled in panic and passed through
a dark cold corridor, with everglowing ending
as if the Sun was coming out of it
A room full of candles lit-I dropped one full of liquid wax

I started fired on the carpet, and burning down the wood
Releasing colorful smokes melting with the clouds
where the spirits... Rest....
Track Name: Road's Delusion
How long do I have to wait for this nightmare to be over soon?, this endless journey is just driving me out of my nature,
no saddest song could ever describe how much my feelings are missing you home,
though I’ll fulfill this quest with all pride as I venture

I wonder will I ever see my belongings and relative others again, there’s no place like this but my heart is still asking for more,
now I hope for the better to start coming upon me

Under the shadows of this moon my travel keeps going till doom, now I pray you my lords to be strong and resist all afflictions to uncover the truth, like a sailor this ocean of trees I shall conquer for my destiny, may the sun be my guide to succeed and stand my ground to solve this mystery

No rest or naps are allowed as I’m still marching towards the unknown. No clue if what’s coming will carry some aid or more torture, the path seems pleasant I know this fantasy is making its way as we both approach

This stream as clear as ice will wipe most pains away
It starts here beyond this lake to my future, I might encounter way more issues than solutions, and despite all fears I’m carrying along, I know that now I’ll be reaching the Sun.

Onward let’s ride this path forsake the land we’ve conquered for days take me where the stars could show me the road back home I’ll set my life off wounds.

Feels that I’m leaving my soul no more visions of this sacred landscape all these creatures are guiding me in this last quest

Strange; a bunch of sparkles have just passed us by , our strength diminishes on moonlight, could this be the end illusions of light please tell me this place is far from hell.

Rainbows of light formed by glimmering sparkles are lighting the night I feel tired and hopeless my peers don’t seem right they are death all these bubbles of colors have psyched out my friends they all look pleased by that colorful show

I’ll sail this very last time where the wind and the sun can hide those grieves of mine, these eyes have seen despair on green lands and myself, I will prove nothing was in vain, now I die alone.
Track Name: Nightmarish Gala
Hail to the forest, hail to the night
The winter in carnival shines bright
All ground is covered with a white-dead mask
Shaped out with all the shouts of men

All my bones shall unbend
And rot my skin to corrupt my soul.

There was no place I could hide in
There was just me.
The "I" that forms within.

Some spells and sorrows inside my head
Tell me I should not be here.
Im stuck among some mud creatures
My unconscious feels controlled.

...Sleep paralysis makes me wish,
wish I was part of this dirty circus.

They got into my mind,
Interrupted my sleep
They feed my memories
With lies, full of color and peace
Take me out this thorn, out of my new precious,
glorious psyche, bigger than anybody else's
naked eye capable to see beyond their normal land.

Is all dream, is it true, is all lie?
Where am I?, I'm sure hypnotized
Was it really that kind of madness?
Which made me feel I found my own path?

Did I shout so loud?...
Shaped my own dreams?
Made of illusive paths
This greatness has been made.

They got into my mind
Interrupted my sleep
They feed my memories
With lies, full of color and peace...
Track Name: Epígrafe
It all comes to an end, our hero would defeat his worst nightmares and illusions of distress, the one who would recover all inspirations that he lost due to the modern shift that its town took, he will arise from the deep dream that he was subject to, the little creatures that his hometown once beloved and worshipped were thankful with what the intruder has done for them, but they did not want to alter his beliefs nor his feelings towards unexplainable and/or mythical happenings; either way all he thought he saw were only illusions and nightmares. That is why they decided that putting him down in a profound rest would fix that matter. All was prepared for the exile when suddenly the chosen’s senses and memories broke with the curse for what the creatures vanished almost instantly from his wide vision. Thinking only of his beloved ones the hero yells at the above space asking for answers and explanations on what the cause was for him not being out of there, no single whisper was heard and the young man broke in tears and ran desperately in search for the door he closed upon his arrival on this realm. That is how this story ends, with the chosen one hysterically returning to all the places he went to looking for a clue that could lead him to that aforementioned entry to his world. The intruder was running out of energy and strange visions he had started to see once more again when he was on the verge of getting out of his mind a rare looking blurred and indistinct shape appeared before his eyes which turned out to be no other than the entrance to the land he was so eagerly looking for, What he will never know is that the gate to go back and forth to both lands was now opened owing to the doing of the mythical creatures who followed each and every step of the hero. This means that both realities will surely encounter again on a sooner or later date, it all depends on the 5 ‘’illusions’’ which followed and entered the world of the chosen one.